Currents Competition 

A huge congratulations to @Smilie254, whose epilogue was the winner of the Currents Competition.

All the entries were so good, which made choosing first place incredibly difficult, but the little details that were woven into Shay’s epilogue were one of the deciding factors.

You can read the winning epilogue here. It features awkward moments, familiar characters, and a heart-warming surprise.

Having been read nearly 4000 times so far, the alternative ending has received overwhelmingly positive feedback—a stark contrast from my own which left a lot of readers demanding answers after becoming frustrated with the open ending. This was one of the reasons I wanted to run the competition: there were so many different ways that the story could have concluded, and I was eager to see which direction my readers would take.

There is something very special—and quite indescribable—about reading a story based on characters that you’ve created yourself, but which you haven’t ever seen before. It’s what made the choice so difficult: each epilogue touched me in a different way because each author portrayed my characters in their own individual manner. From nicknames to personality quirks, it was amazing to see how much attention to detail had gone into the entries.

For my first one-shot competition, it was definitely a success and thank you once more to everyone who participated.

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Tessa Lovatt is a British author with over 20 million reads online. Although a country girl at heart, she loves exploring new cities and drawing inspiration from the people and places encountered on her travels. She’s happiest when surrounded by friends and family—but, failing that, wine and chocolate will do. Her debut novel, Office Affairs, was published as an audiobook by Hachette on November 21st 2017.

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