I completely fell in love with this story. THANK YOU Tessa for this incredible journey

the book is amazing and kept me reading non stop for the past two days

Honestly one of the best books I’ve read on wattpad. I liked that because of Rosalie’s level-headedness you were able to understand everyone’s perspective. Beautifully written!!!

this book has been one of my favorite on wattpad so far, and i’ve been reading for a good 4 years or longer. The storyline was solid and straightforward, not running rabbit trails in ever different direction. It wasn’t super cliche and the characters were built amazingly. You are a GREAT writer, and I definitely will look at any other books you’ve written.

This book so damn amazing, and remains fresh and hauntingly beautiful for every single reread. Heading right over to binge OA now. Can’t thank you enough for these amazing characters. I relate to Rosalie so much and well… yeah. That’s pretty much it. Love your books so much

Thank you for writing and letting us read this wonderful book! The characters and situations are amazingly realistic and not cliché or too cheesy. Also, your descriptions of things are beautifully worded!❤ I’ll definitely check out your other books as well😊

I LOVED THIS BOOK SO MUCH It’s been a while since I’ve basically binge read a Wattpad book, (I mean it took me like three days to complete it) but I stayed up super late reading this and I wasn’t even tired in the. This story was amazing! And your writing is amazing!

I’m actually tearing up this story has been my life for the past month and now it’s ending…well it has ended 😭😭😭 Anyways I just want to say that Currents was one of the best plots I have ever read and I really really enjoyed the way you wrote it!