Getting Over Matt


I’d like to say that though I had seen this book getting recommended to me for the longest, I read it only now. And I regret not having read earlier. Writing is a hard task, I know that. Starting to write a new novel of my own, I was looking for something good to read to give me inspiration. After seeing loads of books, this one is finally such a well written, well thought out one. The character development is the best part..the conflict is so alive. And the characters are relatable. Breaking up ain’t easy, you just don’t hover over the new boy the moment you see him and break up with someone you’ve had an attachment with in a deep level. This book is so realistic, well written, and there’s honestly so so much to learn from it. Sometimes I questioned Bella’s decisions, but nonetheless, it shows how flawed we are. So thank you for writing such an amazing story.

Without a doubt absolutely amazing story ๐Ÿ˜Š

best book iโ€™ve ever read

I m so in love this book….. Damn….This book is really really AMAZING and BEAUTIFUL…… It has shown the realistic view of a relationship…. Love Bella… She is really genuine.the way she overthinks.. the way she moves on… It truly depicts how the relationship goes in real life..i love and adore her character a lot…. And so does other characters….I am really gad to come across this book…. THANKYOU @tessa-x for such an amazing story…. Already a fan of your writing…. And looking forward to read and support your other books…

Awww. I can’t believe this book is over (even though there’s a second and third book). It was so nice and the realism of it is just perfectly well done! Once again, as a reader of your other book “Currents”, you’ve never ceased to blow me away with your books! (:

Such a cute story! I thoroughly enjoyed it! I can’t wait to read the sequel!

Am onto the sequel cause u just couldn’t not finish their journey. Your writing is addictive. Thank you for writing and sharing this book ๐Ÿ™‚