Getting Under Nathan


I have read both of your books about Bella and everything she has faced. This lovely book has made me look back at my like and the good times that I am having now in my relationship. It is such a hard thing to find good stories sometimes and other time they are good stories but are very predictable so I loved how this was very natural.

I absolutely adored getting over mat and now getting under Nathan, I can’t wait to read the next one! I can relate so much to izzy and love her and Nathan’s story so much! Xxxx

This book just felt so real…and evrything seemed justified……it was an amazing read and i really loved almost all tge characters …all in all its a lovely book!

I was getting sad the closer I got to the end. I didn’t want to stop reading! I decided that “Getting over Matt” along with this sequel are my two favorite books now. Tessa please keep up the good work!!

This book is so good, its basically relationship blueprints, its so magical but simple. I LOVED IT!!!

I love your books because they’re actually really realistic and don’t include fake drama, your talent for writing is amazing ❤

I love this story so much. I’m sad it’s over but that was a really great ending. I’m looking forward to rereading it soon

This was such a well-written book that I personally loved. It’s so realistic compared other books and really shows a different perspective of life