Office Affairs


This story was like a massage after a stressful day, just the book the helps you to unwind.

I absolutely love this book you were able to make the book something completely unique for wattpad and I loved every second of it ❤️❤️❤️

This is a quite interesting story, totally different. Specially the chapters name, I thought each chapter has different person’s POV seeing the chapter name, but it’s Sasha’s POV only. Even the ending of chapters are quite different. The characters are very related. Like Alastair isn’t too good or bad, it did mistakes in past and he regretted it. He learned from it and tried to be a better person. Sasha’s character is just amazing, how she grew as a person and proved herself, it’s just amazing. Even their relationship grew beautifully with time. The story isn’t like typical boss-employee stories, for which I liked it. Beautiful story, loved it❤❤❤.

I started this story only yesterday and couldn’t put it down. I must say it was truly an amazing read. I appreciate how you developed the storyline and the characters. It was so well written. It was anything but cliche and I adore it for that fact. I especially loved Sacha. Often times, wattpad stories do not have strong, witty females and so it was refreshing to experience a character like her. I also really enjoyed the banter between Sacha and Alastair. Truly a good job author well done!

this was an amazing book. it was far from cliche and both of the characters have so much personality. très bien 💗

Commented before but just reiterating that this book is exceptionally well written and enjoyable. Thank you author for a heart lifting experience.

This is actually such a great book!
Not your typical boss and PA novel
And both characters are just unique in the wattpad writing community 😂
The guy isn’t rude and the girl isn’t naive
Such a realistic story
Great one author !❤️
Great book!❤️❤️

l love your book. Didn’t stop reading it til the chapter ended. The characters chemistry and how they slowly develop got me really caught up on finding what the next chapter would be like. I finished it in a day, couldve finished it faster without bathroom breaks and meals. 😅😅😅