Pop sensation Teddy Stone has millions of devoted fans, but Sophia Palmer isn’t one of them. Nevertheless, when her best friend Becca—a self-proclaimed fangirl—scores VIP tickets to his concert, she agrees to go with her.

Things take an unexpected turn, however, when the two friends meet the popstar after the concert and he shows his true colours. With Becca heartbroken, they are ready to delete all existence of Teddy Stone from their lives… until he slides into Sophia’s DMs.

The girls hatch a plan: if Teddy wants to date Sophia then she will play along, secretly gathering dirt to sell to the media and crush his perfect image. An invitation to join him on a press tour around Europe provides an excuse to get close to him through late-night chats, cosy dinners, and flirty dancing in exclusive clubs.

But with sexual tension sizzling between the pair, loyalties are put to the test, and Sophia begins to wonder if she’s the only one hiding a secret.

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